RBM LAMIERE SRL is a young, dynamic company committed to giving its customers a fast, quality service and solutions to every need.

We produce aluminium boxes and cabinets in RAL colours and imitation wood. The boxes can be optionally insulated with 5mm thick polyethylene or 30mm thick polystyrene, weighing approximately 30kg/m3. The boxes can be fully insulated or just their access panels. To avoid damage during transport, products are packaged in bubble wrap, with polystyrene corner pieces and polystyrene stoppers to protect the threaded inserts on which the access panels are screwed.

We perform the cutting and bending of both pre-painted sheets in standard colours and raw sheets thermo-set with RAL colour coatings. We can also process sheets from third-party suppliers.

Equipped with a paint booth and furnace, we can coat railings, aluminium profiles, two-colour aluminium profiles, and much more.

We also have an air/air or water/nitrogen plasma cutter, with which we carry out work on behalf of third parties.

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