Indoor boxes for roller shutters made of 15/10 aluminium sheet. Made just as our painted boxes, but coated with an adhesive film of any RENOLIT colour. This allows the boxes to have IDENTICAL colours to PVC window frames of any colour. The strength of this solution is the combination of the ductility of aluminium with the colours of a PVC box. The boxes feature a removable front panel with knobs. The boxes can be fully insulated or just their panels. We also have a insulation model certified for tax deductions. The sheet metal is cut, bent, welded and then film-coated to customer specifications. The film is guaranteed for 10 years. We are among the very few companies, if not the only company, to carry out this type of work.

Boxes can be shaped and built to custom designs. Each box is made, checked for defects and packaged with extreme care and attention to detail.

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